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Pengertian Jersey dan Harga Jersey

Pengertian Jersey dan Harga Jersey
Jersey, for football fans said "jersey" may already be fairly new, because the jersey is a hallmark and pride as well as evidence that the football enthusiast "adore" and support his favorite club. This article itself is inspired by my vision and chatter among my comrades about "Plague" jersey as the "school of" new dress (especially among youth). It's related to how football in our country seemed to have become the sport of "primary" (although our football team and organization is still stagnant), but the role of the media in broadcasting matches of world-class league into a "blessing" for football fans who watch the show.

As a glance at paraghraph dijalskan above if "Jersey" usually interpreted to mean uniform / costume of a club and national team football. In football jersey is one of the conditions required in this sport as a sign of a club. Jersey itself is usually associated with a history or philosophy of a football team, we take the example of AC Milan jersey that has a philosophy Rossoneri (Red-Black). Herbert Kilpin once said "We will be red color, like a devil and Black, which spread fear in our opponents' brief could be interpreted if the colors Red and Black in jersey AC Milan is" Satan frightening "philosophy certainly does not mean AC Milan a worshiper club "Satanic" (Satanists) but rather as "identity" for dropping the opponent mentally to face mereka.Dari summary above we can see that the color of the jersey is actually very related to the impression (image) that want are already shown by a football team.

Jersey, Sponsors and "Prosperity"

Jersey (especially in major league) is now no longer just a uniform that covers the body of the player, jersey also is no longer just a color that is used to distinguish one football club to another club. In this era jersey has become a symbol of the prosperity of a club / national team player also on a special contract by the supplier (Jersey) tersebut.Fenomena the building since the decade of the 1960s, where the political economy of football has run flash modernization commodification of popular culture in the broader in order to obtain greater profits, which gave birth to a "symbiotic mutualism" (Boosting Club Sponsor vice versa) it then developed further so that a club can get julukkan "Leading Teams" and "mediocre team" .ini could be one of the company What a ride on the club jersey. Examples average winning team is a club that has a sponsor that is global (worldwide brand) and a mediocre team is a club that have a sponsor who is local (regional).

Paragraph above usually occurs because of the value of contracts awarded using a jersey sponsor, just info on 1996 MU 5-year contracts with the company UMBRO worth 10 million pounds, in the same year Real Madrid did the same thing with ADIDAS, at national team level, is the Brazilian national team that made an agreement with NIKE 10 years with a value of 250 million pounds, these things are examples of Global commodification in football that directly give effect to the "progress" and profit for the club / national team, because became famous and consumed with universal base.

The opposite happens in the clubs that are "mediocre", the brand and sponsorship capacity is not too large sometimes impede the progress it is to be able to introduce a universal club. For this particular case even seen one advertisement amateur football club playing without jersey (aka topless), which turns these ads in order to attract sympathy for sponsors to put its brand on the jersey of the amateur clubs.

Meaning Jersey Now: Between Identity Fans Football and Fashion

Before discussing more about the sub-title above is useful to know the types of jersey. In Indonesia there is some kind of jersey is usually much in use are: Jersey Pabrikkan, Local KW, KW Hongkong, KW Thailand, Great Ori, Up Original. The jersey definitions usually are only at designated for "major league" (major league's) such as the Italian League, Spanish, English, and German, the reason is of course the leagues have a lot of fans and a strong community base. This is what usually makes the types jersey had continued to exist in order to accommodate the "zest" fans (both individuals and communities) given in the fan community is composed of diverse social classes.

Jersey as the identity of the fans could practically be a strong identity for the fans in order to be recognized both by their own communities as well as "Community opponents". This kind of phenomenon has indeed been happening for a long time. Some clearly portray the phenomenon if jersey could be the symbol of pride, riot, sentiment, until death. The story of the town Glascow in Scotland is one of the most authentic phenomenon of how sacred a jersey pieces of enmity the two clubs Glascow celtic and Glascow Ranger .. even I also once read the story of a fan who in ticket just because the fans are fans of Milan are in fact opposed to the club kebangaan police menilangnya (Inter Milan). of these stories could say how much the jersey became an item that is "sacred" for a football fan.

But now the phenomenon as well as a fashion jersey can also be a sign if soccer is now already belongs to "all people" regardless of social class, race, gender even, uniform / costume football now not only as a limited circle of identity (ed: supporters of a club / specific national team) but also in the interest of "fashion" among the public. I think this is marked by the emergence jersey "special" women, because unlike the early emergence of the sport of football and jersey itself, so strong feminine jersey for football menasbihkan as "sport for all". why for example women as for my own woman is "symbol" of a fashion, though not deny at the present time a man can be a "mecca", it can be seen from the number of athletes that became models for the football club jersey. With the birth of the phenomenon of "Jersey as Fashion" then do not wonder too if we see people wearing jersey in places that are not related to football (stadium, fan club base camp) jersey but now we can also meet on campus, public roads, malls, and even nightclubs. We also do not be surprised if the user jersey did not really know about the "meaning" (the philosophy of the club, its history, even the player) of the jersey.

As a concrete example, the writer will write a female friend writer tweet, tweet itself reads "sepakbola..ga not understand too well liked watching bola..tp also want to have a jersey! Kira2 nice clothes club what? "Of the contents of the twit clearly be seen if a female friend of the author, a position only as a" buyer's jersey "with a design that is suitable for him. This means that the author female friend not to buy the jersey in order to meet its identity as a football club fans but channeling "fashion passion" without considering its historical aspect, and achievement. It occurs when inverted casual chat with friends male writers who seek a special jersey favorite club (Inter Milan) issued on inter birthday 100th years.

Determination of Capitalism and the Football Fans Identity Bias

Of summary writing on the visible phenomena football jersey that prosperity can not be separated "invisible hand" called capitalism, we how a football club trying to patent the name of his club into a universal brand, with a "sell identity" that the club had one of which is Jersey. Jersey becomes an identity that is very salable in sales because of the position of the jersey itself is enough to membuktikkan to the public if we are fans of the club itself.

Understand capitalism adopted by football clubs is not possible can be released, because as we know if the football in the era of industry is now entering an era of football club ownership "Go Public", which means fans can be said is more than ½ lives in obtains a club football, because in addition to functioning as support, fans also become a "controller" (in this case is a shareholder) which means that the fans are no longer just supporting a football club, but also as a watchdog of the policies and activities of the football club. Along with the functions of the "integrated" with his favorite club then can be guessed if the "ownership" of fans to his favorite club is growing. And of course a great sense kepemilikkkan from the fans this is made in the gap by the club to continue to widen the base of supporters to other places in the world.

But so it also becomes a separate entry in this case because there is no longer a clear identity boundaries between true fans with lovers "fashion jersey", because with desaign, price and ease of getting the club jersey idol. but as for the writer himself both of these things need not debated because the author himself has not actually get a real sense of identity of the true fans, so if any phenomenon of "fashion jersey" the authors think it did not matter anyway for the author's own football is a sport full with "magic, and magic", so it does not need to make a bulkhead between the true fans and "fashion jersey" as a differentiator, it's like telahir football as a sport for all, so do not need to create a partition for football feels so in love.

This article has discussed the DKS forum (discussion Thursday afternoon) which is held every Thursday afternoon at 16:00 at the Faculty of Social Sciences -Universitas Jakarta District

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